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Ease of Use

We know our system is easy to use - because our users tell us so. Over and over and over again.

Grantseekers have told us that it's the best system in Australia. And at least one grantmaker has asked if they can marry SmartyGrants!

Ease-of-use features that we know you'll love

  • Uncluttered, easy-to-use interface
  • Easy navigation between functions
  • Plain English help documentation, written and video-based
  • Intuitive labelling (labels roadtested with a team of journalists and a group of early-access SmartyGrants users)
  • Prompt notification of changes through our email newsletter, SmartyNews
  • Access to regular training and phone and email-based support where needed
Idealware Criteria Idealware Rating
(sophistication level)
Smarty Grants
  Basic Solid Advanced  
164. Most individuals could learn how to use the system with training.
165. Users can easily find the actions they are most likely to take (possibly by looking through a considerable list of options).
166. The interface is polished looking.
167. The interface is polished looking and neatly laid out.
168. Navigation and action items are labelled intuitively.
169. Users can easily find the actions they are most likely to take.
170. The system pulls together the information and actions an expert user is likely to need.
SmartyGrants has this functionality
SmartyGrants has this functionality but it may incur additional cost
SmartyGrants does not yet have this functionality
Not on SmartyGrants roadmap

*As listed by idealware, Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems (November 2013)

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