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Letters and Board Dockets

SmartyGrants includes many tools to help grantmakers handle correspondence with all key contacts.

Correspondence features that we know you'll love

  • Create any type of custom correspondence (e.g. letters, agreements) using Word or Excel
  • Correspondence (reports) can be added as an attachment through the Mailouts functionality
Idealware Criteria Idealware Rating
(sophistication level)
Smarty Grants
  Basic Solid Advanced  
66. Lets you print a view of each grant application.
67. Lets you insert mail-merge data into letters, possibly by way of downloading data into Microsoft Excel.
68. Lets you define a default format for grant application summaries and choose which fields to include.
69. Provides several standard letter and electronic templates that you can generate using grant record information.
70. Lets you define a default format for printing grant application summaries, choosing which fields to include, as well as customising fonts, colours, and logos.
71. Lets you create letter templates that include mail-merged information about grants and organisations, and lets you customise their fonts, colours, and logos.
72. Lets you print letters or summaries either individually or for a series of grants or grant applications in a single step.
73. Lets you view and customise individual letters before printing them.
73. The system provides support for electronic signatures, possibly with external verification.
SmartyGrants has this functionality
SmartyGrants has this functionality but it may incur additional cost
SmartyGrants does not yet have this functionality
Not on SmartyGrants roadmap

*As listed by idealware, Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems (November 2013)

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