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Overall Customisation

Through a decade-and-a-half working with (and being) grantmakers, we’ve come to see just how similar one grant lifecycle is to another. And we believe that there are great economies of scale to be achieved when people doing similar things can use the same framework. SmartyGrants provides access to one expert development team, with a program of constant improvement informed by many users. We provide customisation to allow you to express your uniqueness, without overwhelming you with unnecessary setup. Most customisation options come at no additional cost.

Customisation features that we know you'll love

  • Maintain full control over the contents of your application forms, acquittals or progress reports
  • Create your own standard fields (for use across all programs), choice lists, contact types and
    contact fields
  • Easy-to-use form builder (easily build and alter your own forms)
  • Your applicant site is customised to mirror the existing look and feel of your current website (free for new subscribers)
  • Maintain precise control over when your grants rounds automatically open and close
  • Create as many grant programs as you require
  • Determine different access security levels for users
  • ContactSync and Payments API allow further extension and customisation (additional costs may apply - please contact us for details)
Idealware Criteria Idealware Rating
(sophistication level)
Smarty Grants
  Basic Solid Advanced  
156. Lets you customise the information requested in online applications, if offered, potentially at additional cost.
157. Lets you store custom information submitted by grantees, such as application narratives or progress report metrics, in separate fields.
158. Lets you customise dropdown values for fields such as program or grant codes.
159. Lets you customise the information requested in online applications and review forms at no additional cost. or Vendor will extensively customise system to your needs, potentially at additional cost.
160. Lets you add custom “internal tracking” fields for staff use, potentially at additional cost.
161. Lets you customise the names of fields displayed in the interface, potentially at additional cost.
162. Lets you add a virtually unlimited amount of custom fields, with an audit log to track their creation.
163. Vendor permits clients to extend system functionality via access to underlying database and code (as allowed through the API).
SmartyGrants has this functionality
SmartyGrants has this functionality but it may incur additional cost
SmartyGrants does not yet have this functionality
Not on SmartyGrants roadmap

*As listed by idealware, Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems (November 2013)

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