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Payments are a key function of grantmaking. Full and clear payment visibility is a key feature of the SmartyGrants software.

Payments features that we know you'll love

  • Track payments against particular budgets and funding overviews
  • Payments can be classed as "scheduled" or "approved" and "conditional" - ensuring that you only make payments to applications that have met their funding criteria
  • Track what is to be paid or remains unpaid against financial periods and budgets
  • Capture cancelled and returned payments
  • Xero integration available (additional charges may apply - please contact us for details)
Idealware Criteria Idealware Rating
(sophistication level)
Smarty Grants
  Basic Solid Advanced  
104. Lets you define a payment schedule for each grant.
105. Lets you see what scheduled payments are upcoming.
106. Lets you see what payments have been made, including amount, date paid, and cheque number.
107. Can generate a report of the amount scheduled to be paid out in a given year (including carryover from previous years’ grants).
108. Lets you see upcoming scheduled payments and whether the grantee has met requirements linked with that payment.
109. Supports payments to organisations other than the primary grantee (for example, auspicing organisations).
110. Lets you include a note on a payment.
111. Supports grants in a single currency. or Allows for payments to be made contingent or conditional upon a specified grant or payment requirement.
112. Lets you pull reports on payments which carry coding attributes of associated requests, organisations, and contacts.
113. The vendor has experience in integrating with at least one external accounting software package (if the accounting system is not built in).
114. Can generate a paper cheque request for accounting.
115. Supports wire transfers by storing required information and confirmation codes for successful transactions.
116. Supports grants made in multiple currencies by storing currency and exchange rate information.
117. Lets you define a default payment schedule that applies to all grants, and then adjust the amounts and dates for each grant individually.
118. Allows for payments to be made contingent or conditional upon a specified grant or payment requirement.
119. Lets you configure audit or security controls to ensure that only certain staff can change payment information.
120. Supports an automated payment approval process with configurable workflow steps.
121. Lets you void payments, make refunds, and place payments on hold, which are attached to workflows within the system.
122. There is the ability to update payment details and create payments (e.g., general ledger account, fund, etc.) in batch. or There is the ability to track quid pro quo and in kind payments.
SmartyGrants has this functionality
SmartyGrants has this functionality but it may incur additional cost
SmartyGrants does not yet have this functionality
Not on SmartyGrants roadmap

*As listed by idealware, Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems (November 2013)

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