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System Querying & Reporting

You, your grantees and your assessors put the data in – SmartyGrants helps you push it out, in whatever form you choose. Any authorised user can construct and generate the reports they need. Our dashboard provides a one-glance overview of your program's activity and health.

Reporting features that we know you'll love

  • Flexible reporting across programs allows you to manage your reporting requirements to suit your own needs
  • All information related to contacts and applications is accessible through the reporting system – extract any field from any form
  • Create and reuse report templates
  • Easily filter which applications are included in your reports. Filter applications based on
    • Any response to any question on a form
    • The round or stage they are in
    • The program they are in
    • The decision (declined, approved, undecided)
    • Tasks assigned and whether they are complete or not
    • Funding and payment information
    • Contact information
  • Report across your contacts
  • Apply your own layouts and formatting to report templates, and upload them to run reports
Idealware Criteria Idealware Rating
(sophistication level)
Smarty Grants
  Basic Solid Advanced  
128. Lets you run pre-packaged basic reports, upcoming payments, or the list of grants currently being reviewed.
129. Lets you search or filter to find a particular set of grants based on status, program, and cycle, and view pre-packaged reports based on this customised set of grants.
130. Lets you save reports that you create or modify.
131. Supports ad hoc reports, which can include nearly any field displayed to users, possibly by exporting data to Excel for formatting.
132. Virtually all system data— including the data entered into online applications, review forms, and grantee progress reports, if supported—can be included in reports.
133. Lets you quickly view favourite reports without navigating a much- larger set. or Can make small updates to standard reports.
134. There is a process of running reports that is easy enough for casual users to run queries independently.
135. Supports ad hoc reports within the system, which can include custom data columns, datasets, sorting, grouping, logos, and headers.
136. Can make small updates to standard reports.
137. Reports can be set to automatically run and sent to individuals or groups.
138. Users can create their own multiple unique dashboards, or a vendor can do this for you.
139. Lets you quickly view favourite reports, and possibly queries and actions, without navigating a much larger set.
140. Lets you save ad hoc reports that you create or modify.
141. Lets you search the contents of file attachments. or Lets you drill down for more information on some or all reports.
SmartyGrants has this functionality
SmartyGrants has this functionality but it may incur additional cost
SmartyGrants does not yet have this functionality
Not on SmartyGrants roadmap

*As listed by idealware, Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems (November 2013)

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