Grantmaker of the Year Award

NSW Heritage Grants Team
Rosanna Luca, Jan Nye, Rukmani Balram and Nicole Guyatt of the NSW Heritage Grants Team, winners of the 2019 Grantmaker of the Year award.

We've begun the search for the 2022 SmartyGrants Grantmaker of the Year. This is your chance to land a major cash prize for personal and professional development and the chance for industry recognition.

So why are we hosting this award?

We believe that grants are crucial to the Australian economy. Good grants drive innovation, help find solutions to age-old problems, encourage good practice, empower the enthusiastic and reward the effective. Bad grants are poorly thought out, poorly evaluated, and waste millions.

SmartyGrants, a division of the Our Community social enterprise, is leading the movement to seek greater respect for what grantmakers do.

The Grantmaker of the Year Award is designed to unearth those grantmakers who are leading and pushing forward the field of grantmaking, using the SmartyGrants platform.

Both individuals and teams will be encouraged to apply.

The intended outcomes of this award opportunity include:

  • We identify those who lead the way for grantmaking and reward their innovation
  • We hear professional grantmaking ideas that deliver solutions to age-old problems
  • We promote lessons from entries in Grants Management Intelligence, SmartyNews and other Our Community publications

There's plenty of time to consider your application. Start taking your notes and keeping your records now!

Grantmaker of the Year award (GOTY)
The Grantmaker of the Year award recognises the superheroes in grantmaking and aims to encourage innovation in the field.

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