Our Community House

Our Community House is a co-working space opened in North Melbourne in 2019. Supported by Equity Trustees, activities undertaken by the Innovation Lab’s OC House project include:

  • Co-locating not-for-profit organisations with a supervised, skilled team of data scientists. Data scientists are available for casual consultations with OC House members, as well as establishing an ongoing, one-on-one relationship with 6-8 organisations per annum, and undertaking two semi-intensive flagship projects per annum;
  • Upskilling social sector organisations in data science through consultations (per above), mentoring, workshops and webinars;
  • Scaling access to data science information through development and dissemination of case studies, help sheets and templates, and using our flagship projects to develop reusable tools (e.g. data analysis/visualisations, client personas, client journey analyses, etc);
  • Fostering a community of ‘data scientists for good’ in Australia by creating a pipeline from university and corporate partners to social sector organisations and projects, and by hosting ‘data science for good’ meetups, hacks and other events;
  • Identifying and fostering opportunities for not-for-profit, governmental and academic organisations to participate in joint data science projects that result in widespread application and benefit

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